Creative Project Management
Tightly integrated with your media plans

See how your creative team can manage priorities and workload to deliver creative files on time for your ads.

Creative project management

Brief your creative team

Give your creative team all the information they need to design quality advertisement creatives.

  • Creative specification with reusable templates
  • Creative production and delivery deadlines with reminders
  • Supporting files (Contracts, Past ads, etc.)
  • Custom fields for additional information (Text, Date, Number, Money, List, etc.)

Assign creative projects

Give responsibility to team members to produce and deliver high quality creative files for your ads.

  • Assignment per roles (Marketing manager, Copywriter, Digital Specialist, etc.)
  • Multiple assignments per project
  • Send assignment emails
  • Instantly know who's responsible to advance work at each step of your workflow (blue borders)
  • Highlight projects without responsible, so that nothing falls in the cracks

Track creative project progress

Always know exactly where your team stands with accurate current status and clear next steps.

  • Customizable creative project statuses, labels and colour codes
  • Highlight the projects that are late (red background) or require immediate delivery (yellow background).

Upload creative files

Streamline your approval, delivery and validation process with the files sent to the media supplier.

  • All formats supported.
  • Max. 150mb per file, Unlimited storage per account.
  • Quick preview of images.
  • Organized by file categories and tags.
  • Public links to include in external documents.
  • Publish final creatives in your media plans and advertising calendar.

Track corrections

Never lose or forget a correction by capturing and tracking clear, accurate, and accountable feedback on your creative files.

  • Know who submitted the correction
  • Track which corrections are done
  • Instantly know the projects with corrections to fix

Deliver creative files to media suppliers

Easily send your creative files by email to the media supplier.

  • Customizable email title & body template
  • Audit with sender and timestamp

The simple way to manage creative projects

Even more to help your team keep creative projects organized and be more productive



See everything that needs to be done to avoid late production & delivery of creative projects.


Production Calendar

See all of your creative projects deadlines on one calendar

Daily Reminders

Receive daily emails with everything that requires your attention.

Time Logs

Enable your creative team to log the time spent on a creative project.

Project Types

Categorize each project by type with colour codes to easily find what you need.



Collaborate with your team with detailed discussions about a creative project.

Change logs

See the full history of every creative project to know who did what when.



Analyze your creative projects from every angle in seconds.

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