Marketing Invoice Validation
Painlessly validate & approve marketing invoices.

Make sure the invoices you received from your media suppliers match the costs and creative files of your insertion orders.

Marketing invoice validation

Track cash flow

Know exactly the budgeted amounts versus the invoiced amounts in real time by months, campaigns, etc.

  • Quick planned/actual total cost reports

Upload invoices

Keep a digital copy of all the invoices in a central location for your record.

Validate and adjust costs

Make sure the cost on the invoice matches the cost on your insertion order and adjust accordingly when required. Automatically adjust the budgets with the actual costs.

Approve invoice with status

Know exactly what insertion orders are approved and whether they are fully invoiced or partially invoiced.

  • Customizable approval workflow

Before using MediaPlanHQ, our marketing team was tracking all invoices and budgets manually in spreadsheets. It was extremely time consuming and frustrating, as we are not specializing in accounting, or experts in Excel.

We have many clients and program budgets to track, along with vendors and projects to look after. Our spreadsheets were so large, they would often freeze when opening and were very susceptible to human error

With MPHQ, we are able to seamlessly search for projects, vendors and invoices all saved within the system. It allows us to track our spends for every program and client, and provide automated reports that would have taken us hours to complete before.

The real value of MPHQ is in the ease of planning, tracking and reporting within in an automated system. In addition, the customer support has been wonderful. The team have been available to us at any time we have an issue, and have even created custom controls for our invoicing system.

I highly recommend MPHQ to all teams struggling with the tracking, planning and reporting issues that need an intuitive, easy way to stay organized.

Happy MediaPlanHQ Client: Tara Bushman, Program Communications Lead, Product Care Recycling

Tara Bushman

Program Communications Lead
Product Care Recycling

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